Five Crucial Stages of Video Game Testing

The testing phase of game creation is crucial and should not be ignored. This process, also known as quality assurance (QA), is a complicated one with numerous game test phases that you should be aware of to get the most out of.

In this post, we’ve outlined the critical phases of video game testing and emphasized some practical advice gleaned from actual work. We also consider how game testing services might facilitate the process for publishers and game development studios.

Testing Processes for Video Games

The five main testing phases for video games are generally acknowledged to include planning, testing during the development phase, alpha testing, beta testing, and post-production testing. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1) Planning

High-quality testing must begin with planning. In this phase, testers learn the fundamental game mechanics, flow, narrative, etc., by speaking with product owners and developers. Following that, a testing plan that has been written up uses this knowledge to be built.

The plan often includes the fundamental details regarding the different types, stages, and instruments applied during the testing process. It stops time from being wasted on issues that could be resolved at the start of a project.

2) Testing throughout the creation phase

Some individuals believe that only finished games can be tested. However, this is a widespread misunderstanding. The first professionals to begin game testing while they are working are developers. They employ several test types, such as unit testing (which checks different source codes for issues and errors). Devs also test the most fundamental features to make sure everything runs well.

Numerous essential and occasionally crucial problems are prevented and fixed through quality assurance during development. As a result, you save yourself time and work later on and stop these bugs from growing and becoming more significant.

3) Test alpha 

It’s time for detailed quality assurance once game developers have created it and are confident that it performs at least minimally. What, then, is the game testing phase known as Alpha? QA engineers undertake closed beta testing (or alpha testing). This phase requires the most fantastic time and effort in the entire testing life cycle.

QA engineers use functional and non-functional testing as the primary methods for evaluating the quality of various game components. For instance, load testing determines if a game can function while being loaded by multiple users at once. In contrast, localization testing ensures that local settings based on location (language, time zone) are correctly adjusted.

4) Beta test

A game should be bug-free and ready for release following the Alpha testing phase. It hasn’t, however, been exposed to a larger audience or people who will play it. Real fans and gamers participate in beta testing to get feedback and make necessary adjustments before release.

So how do you beta test games? The process typically involves two stages: Closed Beta and Open Beta. Let’s examine the distinction.

Beta closed. This kind of testing is carried out by actual people who act in a way that resembles gamers. These amateur testers are typically still employed in the game development industry. Because there are only 50–100 participants, the QA engineers ask them to look for minor defects during private testing.

Public Beta. Before a game is released, everyone who wishes to can participate in an open beta test. Gamers typically join up for an Open Beta test, gain access to a game, and then provide feedback to the QA department because they are already interested in the new product. Users occasionally discover minor flaws during this testing, frequently focusing on UX/UI impressions.

5) Testing after the fact

You believe that once the processes above are finished, testers can go on to other tasks. The story is still far from over, though.

User reviews are typically included with a game’s release. Players may report issues or identify problems that need to be fixed. As a result, developers update various game components that must be evaluated to prevent the game from being harmed.

To enhance QA, outsource video game testing services.

Testing high-quality video games is a complex procedure with numerous stages, test types, and unique characteristics.

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