Learning to code through video games

These games are ideal for teaching you how to code, so you’ll be coding and creating your own masterpieces in no time. If you’re like me, I found a few amazing possibilities.

Monkey Code

Although Code Monkey is aimed towards children and teenagers, don’t let that deter you! It’s for kids, not for me, I understand. It’s not just for you, friend: it’s for everyone.

It turns out that its user interface is quite simple and goes through the basic stages of coding and creation. It is targeted toward pupils, thus it is designed toward teaching straight away.

Users of Code Monkey don’t need any prior coding skills to get started—all it’s about fresh starts and blank slates. They contain step-by-step instructions and even video lessons.

A decent video instruction is the one thing I enjoy more than gaming. You may quickly learn the fundamentals and create a foundation for yourself by using text-based coding. Plus, it’s completely free!

Code of Conduct

Code Combat is a fantastic method for individuals to quickly see their code efforts come to life. Not only that, but you also learn how to code by playing the game in real time.

You use coding to direct your character’s activities, assisting them in achieving the game’s objectives. Typing ‘hero’, for example, will cause your character to go towards a treasure box. moveRight() is used to cause the character to move right.

This form of real-time interaction is ground-breaking and extremely beneficial to new programmers.


Robocode, like Code Combat, puts the player/programmer in a situation where they must fight other robots. The only way to accomplish this is to use Java, Scala, or C#. It’s an excellent technique to put the coder in the pilot’s seat and keep them alert.


This is a fantastic little community for aspiring programmers. To progress in the game, players will have to complete exams, or Kata. Katas are frequently debugging exercises that serve as mini-tests for you as you go through your programming career.

Codewars draws the player in with its addictive gameplay and keeps them up to date and improving their coding skills. It’s a slam dunk for anyone searching for games to help them learn how to code because it has such a perfect blend of addictive gameplay and instructional tasks.


Codingame is a website and software package that focuses on teaching coding through video games. It provides a variety of ways to learn programming through various game kinds.

A motorbike race in which you had to key in the code to avoid obstacles on the track was one of my favourites. This is a faster-paced coding technique similar to the previously stated Code Combat.

Another feature of Codingame is that you are solving the most difficult coding challenges while simultaneously receiving assistance from professionals. One of the finest aspects of Codingame’s function is the ability to get advice from coding professionals.

Practice is an important aspect of Codingame (and the other games listed). Although these games are fun, you must commit to working on them every day in order to improve your coding skills.

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